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In our FAQ section we answer you the most asked questions on us.



 Where can I find the rental conditions?

These can be found on our website under "Terms and Conditions".


 What is a long-term rental?

Its minimal rental period is one month and longer.


 How old do I have to be to rent a vehicle?

You must be at least 21 years old.


 Are tolls included in the rental price?

Tolls are not included in the price, these must be paid by yourself. In the case of toll infringements, in addition to the further calculation of the fine, an expense allowance for the processing applies as well.


 I have been fined, what should I do?

You must pay the traffic ticket yourself. If this is sent to us, we will forward your data to the appropriate authority and charge you additionally a processing fee.


 Is the vehicle also delivered and picked up?

We offer a delivery and pick-up service - the fees depend on the effort and the route.


 What do I do in case of a breakdown / accident?

In both cases, please inform the rental station immediately - our staff will coordinate the further procedure with you. In case of accidents, please inform the police as well.


 Is the insurance included in the rent?

Our vehicles are insured according to legal requirements and the insurance is already included in the rental price. On request, you can also reduce the amount of liability for a further surcharge.


 Are winter tires included in the rental price?

In the winter season, all our vehicles are equipped with winter-proof tires. The costs for this are already included in the rental price.


 What do I do if the service or repair is due?

In this case, please, contact the rental station - our staff will help you out with the further procedure.


 May I drive my vehicle abroad?

Trips abroad are allowed, however, the restrictions vary depending on the vehicle type and insurance. Rides abroad must therefore generally be previously reported  and approved. Depending on the destination, our employees will provide you with needed documents.


 Do you provide your service throughout Germany?

We offer our service nationwide. On request, we deliver  vehicles to your front door and pick them up at your place.


 Do you also rent on a daily or weekly basis?

Usually, we only rent our vehicles for at least one month period or longer. Daily and weekly rents are spontaneously possible in individual cases.


 What vehicles do you have?

In general, we are not branded, so we offer a wide range of vehicles from different manufacturers. Our fleet changes from time to time again and again. However, if you want to rent a certain vehicle for a very long period of time, we can purchase this special vehicle for you, it depends though on the duration of the rental.


 What does long term rental price include?

Our rental price includes all services such as insurance, maintenance, costs for the main inspection and the vehicle tax. In a rule, only the fuel costs are extra.


 What is the excess?

The amount of the deductible depends on various factors such as vehicle value and classification in the insurance.


 Can I book on the same day or at short notice?

If available, vehicles can be booked for the same day. Both - delivery  or pick up at the office is possible. For more information on availability, please contact us.


 Who is allowed to drive the vehicle?

The vehicle may only drive the person named in the rental contract. Upon request, registration of the additional drivers is possible for a reasonable fee. For leasing companies- all employees who possess valid driving license are allowed to drive .


 I lost something in the car - how will I get it back?

Please ask directly at the office where you returned the vehicle. If items are found, they will be kept there as well. For forgotten items, however, we can not assume any liability.


 Can I reduce the liability?

Yes, you can reduce the liability by most of our vehicles - just contact us and we will gladly advise you.



 How can I change an existing booking?

Existing bookings can be changed by contacting us by phone or email.


 How can I book a vehicle?

Reservations can be made by phone or email.


 Can I book a specific vehicle ?

Only vehicle groups are bookable. Special models can not be guaranteed due to availability. However, we will do our best to fulfill your wishes.



 Does a deposit have to be deposited and in what amount?

In a rule, a deposit equals to one month's rent or at least equals the amount of the deductible. Depending on the vehicle category, the amount of the deposit may vary.


 How can I pay?

Payment options are credit card, cash (here is a credit card additionally required for the deposit) and in some cases by prior arrangement invoice or advanced bank transfer.


 When do I have to pay for the vehicle?

In a rule, the rental price is due on a delivery/pick up day. The billing period, however, does not start until your vehicle is taken over.


 Pick-up / Return

 What documents do I need for the rental?

You need a valid identity card (alternatively passport with registration certificate not older than 3 months), a valid driver's license and depending on the payment agreement  a credit card too.


 Does the vehicle have to be returned fully tanked ?

By taking  over the vehicle, the fuel level  is noted and the vehicle must be returned filled up to the same level. Upon request we gladly take over the refueling on return upon minimal  extra charge which  depends on the location and fuel costs.


 Can I return the vehicle outside the opening hours?

By prior arrangement, a return is also possible outside of the opening hours - for any damage to the vehicle, however, you are liable to personal repossession by one of our employees.


 Is the car checked for damage before being handed over?

Before every handover and every return, we check its condition and document the damage.


 Will I get a vehicle instruction?

Of course. If you need help or have any questions, our qualified team will be pleased to help you - just contact us.



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