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Long-term-rental, leasing & buying with EZYRENT

"EZY" mobile - uncomplicated, affordable, stress-free


Our team has been in the car rental industry for many years and has a lot of know-how to work our the best solution for your needs. No matter if you rent privately or commercially or whether you need the vehicle for a few weeks or half a year - we are there for you! 


Are you interested? Then contact us without obligation - we look forward to seeing you!



"EZY" mobile - uncomplicated, affordable, stress-free


We offer you the vehicle of your choice with a flexible runtime and individual mileage rates.


Our cars are available either as a car subscription or as a long-term rental with a runtime starting from one month.


Comparison of Long-term-rental, leasing & buying


With our long-term-rental you ensure the greatest possible flexibility in your fleet - with us you receive a comprehensive service that relieves you in the organization and always ensures your mobility. Whether it's a small car, a luxury sedan or a minibus - we offer you a wide-ranging fleet for all your needs and create an all-inclusive offer, so that you always have the costs under control and only have to factor in your fuel consumption.

services goEZY-long-term-rental leasing buying / financing
contact person X (X)  
transparent costs X    
a price-everything-inside package X    
taxes included X    
insurance included X (X)  
no insurance increase in case of accident X    
maintenance and service costs included X (X)  
UVV inspection X    
tire replacement in case of wear X    
HU- and BoKraft-test X    
collection and delivery service X    
factory delivery costs   X X
neutral balance X    
flexible runtime / return possible at any time X   X
mileage allowances flexibly changeable X    
fast availability X    
replacement vehicle in case of accident or breakdown X    
breakdown and accident management X X  
cheap rates X X  
down payment / partial payment and thereby binding of capital   X X


Future of mobility


Mobility is becoming increasingly important to many people - almost indispensable.


Experience is exactly what our team of employees has been able to gather for decades, so we can offer the right solution for all your needs.